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What People Are Saying 

Dear Mr. Aiello,


My good friend at work recently gave me a jar of your Tomato Basil sauce. Actually, she just gave me a second jar because I devoured the first one in record time. I just wanted to congratulate you on your superb product. It’s a dramatic standout in a crowded field. It’s got an elegant, complex taste; marvelous texture, and the basil really infuses the sauce with a wonderful flavor. I’d recommend your sauce to anyone, and I hope I’ll see it on the shelves in the very best stores in the area . . . and beyond! I even love the label. And I bet I would have loved Nonni, too. Well done! Your fan, Melanie


First I should tell you that my Mom was born in Sicily and is quite honestly the best cook ever. And this is not just coming from me but from anyone that ever tasted her food. Her Sunday pot of sauce was something that I looked forward to and when she passed away 8 years ago I never thought I would find that delicious homemade sauce again. By chance, I stumbled on an ad for this sauce on a facebook page and the rest is history. My Dad (also born in Italy) says it is as good as my Mom’s…I have given jars to family and friends, all of whom rave about it…it is quite frankly the most delicious sauce you can buy in a jar. I now buy it by the case and cannot give it enough praise. Once you try it, you will never use another sauce. - Phyllis Cieri Bennett 

The Tomato Basil sauce has a fresh taste, not a hint of that stale taste of dehydrated herbs or flavorings as in other bottled sauces. I like using it when I make pizza; tastes great and saves me a lot of prep time.  It’s also a good base if you want to add some of your family’s specific flavors.  Good on pasta. The Arrabbiata sauce is a favorite in our house.  Doesn’t taste like it came out of a jar.  Nice bite.  I use it often on Penne and Angel Hair pasta. Look forward to trying other sauces from this company. - Joanne West 

Aiello sauces are better than a trip to Italy. They're full of authentic flavor, bright sunshine, and most of all, they're made with love. So "MANGIA, mangia, mangia!" Also, they make unforgettable gifts. Robert S. Fischer, M.D.

Aiello tomato sauces should honestly come with a warning on the label because once you’ve had your first taste, there’s no going back and NO OTHER sauce will ever do for the taste buds what these sauces do. They are perfection! Every jar [and I’ve now savored several] tastes so incredibly fresh—as if just ladled straight from the chef's pot simmering on the stove. Oh and the aroma—HEAVEN! My big Italian family has enjoyed every flavor available in the Aiello line of tomato sauces: Marinara, Tomato Basil, Arrabbiata, and Roasted Eggplant and all are equally exceptional. Each and every jar has proven fresh, aromatic and rich with flavor. This sauce is simply outrageous on anything we choose to put it on or add it to—not to mention straight from jar to spoon to mouth. More than once I’ve been tempted to forgo the pasta and simply drink the sauce straight from the jar! It’s that delicious! Simply the best sauce I’ve ever eaten. (Shhh…don’t tell my grandma!) Barbara Abate

I have had the great fortune to have met Tom and have been buying his sauce for some years. I've seen as he has worked to start his business and cheered his successes. The Tomato Basil sauce is a beautiful scarlet color with whole leaves of fresh Basil. It has a rich fragrance and taste of tomatoes and herbs that is unsurpassed by any that I have tried in the US and Europe. My whole family loves this sauce! - Cynthia Ramirez

With so many choices of pasta sauces on store shelves, sometimes it's hard for shoppers to make a decision. Well, you don't have that problem anymore. You only have to pick up the best Italian sauce, gravy, whatever you're used to calling it. It's Nonna Mariantonia Italiano Autentico brand. Simply the most wonderful sauce I have ever had. That includes those in Italy. Having lived in Europe for years, it's depressing to order Italian food stateside. Or worse, making it at home if you're not Italian. Having this sauce makes it easy to prepare a wonderful Italian meal at home. It's the only sauce that you will ever find in our home.

- Isidro Ramirez

This sauce is smooth yet vibrant. Not salty or acidic. Perfectly balanced. As good as homemade gets! A 10 out of 10! - Julian

I grew up in an Italian household. Both parents were born in Italy and jarred sauce was unheard of. My mom made everything from scratch. I too had never purchased jarred sauce until I tried this one. I couldn't believe how delicious it was. I have had every variety and can't choose a favorite because they are all awesome! Try it once and you'll be hooked! It's homemade in a jar and it's truly delicious! - Roe DeGennaro Carr 

I am a huge fan of Nonna Mariantonia Tomato Basil sauce! I have never tasted anything like it. It is authentic and the flavor is impeccable. I ordered a few as Christmas gifts for my son's teachers and they agree it is divine! Customer service and delivery are also excellent. Forever a customer! - Erin Elsasser

I tried Aiello's Tomato Basil sauce and it was really delicious! The consistency is perfect and it's absolutely NOT like jar sauce at all!  I highly recommend this excellent homemade sauce to anyone! This is the real deal! - Mario Battista 

I met Tommaso at the Totowa fair where he was letting everyone sample his sauce. When I tell you this is the best I've had in a long time... I bought all 4 varieties and had the Arrabbiata  with Eggplant Parm. I could not get enough of the great kick of spice it had. Get in touch with Tommaso to buy some of the best sauce! - James Lehr 

Every Italian household has their own recipe for sauce… which if done properly takes hours (days if you count the prep-work). Aiello sauce gave me the “luxury” of dining out in my own home. Right after opening the jar I could tell the ingredients were top quality... everyone at the table enjoys it every time I serve it! - Gia Farruggia

Nonna Mariantonia sauces are so delicious! I like the Tomato Basil variety a lot, but I LOVE the Roasted Eggplant variety! My 2 year old son loves it too - he asks for more every time I use it. I have not seen another brand that carries a Roasted Eggplant sauce. Wonderful idea. Great flavor. Mother and toddler approved! - Laura Fox

Nonna Mariantonia is the most fabulous sauce on store shelves today! The delicious fresh homemade taste will have you feeling it was made especially for you. My family loves Nonna Mariantonia sauce and we buy it by the case. Forever your customer!

- Jon & Tara Schiavo 

When you receive the most amazingly flavorful pasta sauce in the mail, you contemplate eating the whole massive bowl for dinner!!! I grew up with some pretty bomb sauce made by my grandma & my mom, but this one takes the cake (sorry grandma). All natural, no grease floating at the top of the jar, big Basil leaves, and the perfect thickness of texture. THANK YOU to you & your family for sharing this traditional deliciousness with us all! - Krista Zavala 

This sauce is amazing! I made my sauce for years and then switched to jar sauce. It wasn't great but a time saver running a business. Over the past several months, we've tried Nonna Mariantonia sauce. Oh my gosh! So good! Delicious, original Italian homemade sauce! Any pasta or chicken dish is taste enhanced with this sauce! And, don't forget the bread to dip in leftover sauce - if there is any! Awesome sauce! - Dee McDonagh

This is one of the best sauces I have ever had. You can taste the freshness in every serving. My family and I love the Tomato Basil and Roasted Eggplant varieties. - Annette Bové

I come from Italy and know the true taste of homemade sauce. With that said, hats off to Tommaso for making a sauce that brings me back to my days in Italy. Job well done! - John Bové


I have had many different sauces, but yours is by far the best I have ever had. My favorite is the Roasted Eggplant variety. This will be my go to sauce from now on. Great sauce. - Gillian Bové

My mother made a Sunday sauce with the Tomato Basil variety and it was amazing . Looking forward to having more Sunday sauce by Aiello Italian Specialties! - Gianna Bové

WOW where do I even start. Aiello Italian Specialties makes "to die for" homemade sauces. The Tomato Basil variety is so fresh

and sweet and, not to mention, it doesn't give me heartburn like most sauces do. The Roasted Eggplant sauce is amazing as well, except for  the fact that my husband didn't want to share it too much since he loves eggplant more than me and he isn't even Italian! Not only did this sauce taste like heaven but it brought me back to my roots in Jersey with memories of amazing Italian family meals. Keep up the hard work Tommaso and let us know if you get them up here in the stores in NH. I will be a lifetime customer and will spread the word to my family and friends everywhere. Thank you! - Emily R. Boniface Angell

Genuine Italian specialty; natural ingredients. Made with love and attention to tradition. Highly accommodating on shipping and service. Will continue to recommend and purchase these delicious sauces in all varieties! - Theresa Douglas 

My boyfriend made me dinner with your Roasted Eggplant sauce and turkey meatballs. It tasted perfect— just right. We liked the taste and texture of the eggplant bits! Thank goodness we met! - Jiji Sace Zabalerio 

Didn’t think i could be impressed by another Tomato Basil sauce. Wow was I wrong! Amazing! - Mark Endres 

I had always heard great things about Nonna Mariantonia's sauce. So, I decided to try it out for myself one day and buy a jar of their marinara sauce. Without hesitation, and without exaggerating, I can hands down say that this was the best marinara sauce I have ever tasted. I live in Boston and frequent all the restaurants that make homemade Italian food, including their sauces, and this sauce far out beat any that I have ever tasted. I assure you that you will not be disappointed by Nonna Mariantonia's - Joey Fahey

Here’s a big shout out to Nonna Mariantonia’s Spaghetti sauce. It’s the best we’ve ever tasted. All natural. We would never dream of using any other sauce. This is the real Italian sauce. Our favorite is the Roasted Eggplant variety. Yummy! - Charles & Cherie Adams (Descendants of John & John Quincy Adams, 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States of America) 

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